For bud-e Low speed, a rider does not need to have a DL. For bud-e High speed, a rider must have the Government authorised valid DL.

You can ride a bud-e only if you are 16 years or above. Minors are not allowed to ride a Bud-e and their parents will be held responsible if found guilty. Also, note that Bud-e is designed for a single person. Non-compliance of this rule will lead to a penalty.

The battery is waterproof and can withstand rain.
Batteries are swappable. Charge the batteries with the charger provided by bud-e ONLY.
Checking the battery level is simple. Just tap the bud-e icon on the app to view the battery level.
We encourage you to check the battery percentage and kilometres left before starting your ride. If the battery becomes low during the ride, you can send a request for road side swapping via your bud-e app.
Check properly whether Bluetooth is connected to the bike, if not, then unpair the connected devices in your phone. Try to reconnect. If it still does not start, contact our customer care service.
Check properly whether the Bluetooth is connected to the bike, and don’t pass on commands repeatedly. Wait for some time and then pass the command.
Connect the charger from the socket placed at the frontside and pass commands to open the boot. Or, connect the charger battery to the frontside charging socket and open the boot. This task should be updated with our customer support via +91 7799938605.
Properly check the mobile data, Bluetooth, and location services and check if they are connected and turned on. Never close the app while these services are loading.