User Terms and Conditions

M/s Watts and Volts Mobility Private Limited (hereinafter
“Company”), a company incorporated under the provisions of the
Companies Act, 2013 (hereinafter “Us”, “We”, “Our” “bud-e” or
“Company”, which expression includes its successors or assigns) is
the owner of the web platform, i.e. www.bud-e.in.; the mobile
Application under the name and style “bud-e App” and provides to its
users, visitors and third parties various options vide ELECTRIC TWO WHEELER
RENTAL SERVICES on the platforms owned and run by the company.


  • “Agreement” shall mean the Ticketing Services Agreement executed
    between the company and the Ticketing Partner (User) pursuant to which the
    Ticketing Partner has agreed to undertake Ticketing Services;
  • “App/Application” shall mean the bud-e application that can be
    accessed and used by Authorized Users to avail the Services through
    the Authorized Devices.
  • “Authorized Devices” shall refer to the computers, televisions,
    mobiles, tablets, and other devices that are compatible and
    permitted by the Agreement for accessing Services via the App
    presently accessible to the general public and/or any such
    apparatus/gadgets which may be invented/discovered in the future and
    which are made compatible for accessing and use of the content
    provided by the company to its authorized users or to any other
    persons based on terms and conditions.
  • “Acceptance” means your affirmative action of clicking on the
    box against the words “I Accept” provided at the end of these User
    T&C, by which action, you unequivocally accept the User T&C and any
    modifications thereof;
  • “Applicable Law” shall mean and include any law, statute,
    ordinance, rule, regulation, guideline, policy or other
    pronouncement having the effect of law in India, as in effect or
    which may come in effect on a future date;
  • “User” shall mean any natural person who signed up for rendering
    the services of the Company via App or website.
  • “Profile” shall refer to the account created on Website or on
    the App that contain Your Account Information as provided by you and
    any and all such details which are provide by you to the Company.
  • “Driving License” shall refer to the license issued by the State
    Government, authorizing the person specified therein to drive a
    motor vehicle.
  • “Vehicle” shall refer to all the vehicles owned by the Company
    that are used to render service to the user.
  • “Fee” shall refer to the amount to be paid by the User towards
    availing the services of the Company.
  • “Insurance”


  • The present Terms provide the terms and conditions applicable
    for any Users of Website, App, and/or the Services rendered by the
    company. Please note that all the terms and conditions, the privacy
    policy, the legal disclaimers and/or any other
    terms/policies/notes/disclaimers shall be read as a part and parcel
    of the present Terms of Service and shall be collectively referred
    to as Agreement.
  • In order to use the Services offered by Us on Website/App, You
    are required to create a Profile and provide Us with the requested
    Account Information. You shall provide true, accurate, current and
    complete information when creating Your Profile, including the
    accurate depiction of your name, age and other mandatory details.
    Upon creating the Profile, You may use the Services subject to fully
    agreeing and abiding with the Agreement.
  • You acknowledge and agree that Your registration details and any
    other data collected by the company is subject to the company’s
    Privacy Policy, which you have read and accept/agree to the same as
    a part of the present agreement. In order to render the Services
    effectively, the company may collect information such as language,
    location, contact details, address, time zone where the Services are
    used, and use these to provide pick up and drop location
    recommendations, in accordance with this Agreement.
  • You acknowledge and agree to upload a soft copy of your Aadhaar card as
    a process of mandatory KYC approval to register.
  • All the booking to avail the services of Our Company shall be
    made through the Website or App and the bookings shall be made
    solely by the User only. The User shall not make booking on behalf
    of another person or body corporate.
  • The pre-booked vehicle shall be picked up by the User from the
    designated parking places of the company or any other parking places
    specified by the Company. In case of LTR,vehicles will be delivered
    at the user’s doorstep as agreed by both parties within 30 minutes from booking time.
  • The User, before picking up the vehicle, shall furnish any
    Government Authorized Identity card to the authorized person
    designated by the company for verification.
  • The User agrees to maintain a minimum wallet amount of INR 200 to book a ride using bud-e.
  • Both the parties agree that the vehicle will be reserved to the User for 15 minutes upon booking through bud-e app. Incase of Long Term rentals (LTR), bud-e bikes will be delivered at the doorstep to the requested customers within 30 minutes from booking time.
  • The User agrees that the vehicle is used for solo riding purpose.
    The vehicle of the Company is not designed for two people. Hence,
    The User shall not carry a pillion rider. In the event of any User
    riding with a pillion rider, an amount of INR 200/- shall be imposed
    on him/her for violation of terms and conditions.
  • The User agrees to use the lock mechanism provided by the
    Company only. The User is not authorized to use any other lock
    mechanism to lock the vehicle.
  • It is agreed between the parties that it is the responsibility of
    the User to inspect the vehicle and inform regarding any damage to
    the Company before taking the possession of the vehicle. The Company
    is not responsible for any damage reported after taking the
    possession of the vehicle.
  • The booking time of the User shall be calculated from the time
    the User takes the possession of the vehicle.
  • User shall drop the vehicle at the designated parking place of
    the company or any other parking places specified by the Company.
  • User shall click photographs of all sides of the vehicle and
    upload the same on the bud-e app for damage confirmation. It is the
    responsibility of the User to return the vehicle in the same
    condition as it was received.
  • Both the parties agree that it is the responsible of the User
    to pay the Challan amount levied by the Traffic Police Department
    for any violation of traffic rules during the time of the booking
    period of the User.
  • The max speed of the vehicle provided by the Company is only 25kmph. Therefore, a helmet or license or registration plate is not required. Helmet usage is left to the discretion of the user.
  • The User agrees to switch on the GPS settings in the Authorized
    Devices to disclose the current location in the BUD-E app to locate
    the Pick-up and Drop location of the vehicles booked by the User.
  • It is the responsibility of the Company to provide the Vehicle
    with full charge at the time of the booking. Further, in an event of
    lack of charge in the vehicle, the User shall report the same
    through bud-e App.
  • Both the Parties agrees that the Company is not responsible for
    any belongings of the User. However, if the User claims to have left back
    any of their belongings in a vehicle after completing of the
    booking, the Company shall endeavour to relocate the lost belongings
    on a “best-effort” basis subject to the circumstance.
  • The User agrees that in the event of any Accident, Damage and
    Vehicle failure/ breakdown, the User shall report immediately via the
    bud-e app along with the location and kind of damage. In an event of
    Vehicle failure/ breakdown, the Company shall make arrangements for
    replacing the vehicle or send a mechanic to resolve the problem.
    However, the timeline for replacement of the vehicle will be depending
    on the location of the User.
  • If the User meets with an accident and further causes damage to
    the Vehicle. The User shall report the same via BUD-E app and
    further upload pictures of the Vehicle in the BUD-E app. The Company
    shall quantify the damages at the earliest possible. The User agrees
    that he/she is liable to pay the amount for damages quantified by
    the Company. Further, the User shall bear the expenses of towing of
    the Vehicle.
  • In the event of Accident, any summons or notices issued by the
    concerned Police authority or Court or any other authority in
    relation to the accident and/or concerned with Vehicle while it is
    under the possession of the User, the same shall be intimated to the
    Company at the earliest of such incident. Thereafter, the User shall
    also the report the accident by describing the entire events in
    detail in writing to the Company.
  • In an event of Accident involving property of any third party,
    arising then the vehicle is in the possession of the User, such User
    must file a Police Complaint in respective Police Station and
    further fill the Company incident report form. Further, the User
    shall provide the following details:
  • Date, time and place of incident.
  • License number plate of the third party.
  • Name, Address and Driving License of the other driver.
  • Name, Address and Driving License of the owner of the Vehicle (if
    the driver is not the Owner of the vehicle).
  • Name,addresses and phone number of the witness if any.
  • The User agrees to cooperate with the Company during the time
    of investigation of the incident. The User’s account may be
    suspended until the investigation and recovery of damages is
  • Users are not supposed to park the vehicles in any unauthorized parking lots which are unidentifiable to the connectivity.
  • This privacy policy also applies to data we collect from users who are not registered as members of this Platform, including, but not limited to, browsing behaviour, pages viewed etc. We are not collecting and storing any financial information like Credit Card Number, CVV code, etc in the databases. We only collect and use such information from you that we consider necessary for achieving a seamless, efficient and safe experience, customized to your needs including:
    • To enable the provision of services opted for by you
    • To enable the viewing of content in your interest
    • To communicate the necessary account and service-related information from time to time
    • To allow you to receive quality customer care services and data Collection
    • To comply with applicable laws, rules and regulations


  • All the services provided by the Company are protected by the
    relevant intellectual property right laws, treaties and conventions,
    including rights arising for Trademark, Copyright, Patents, Designs,
    Trade-Secrets, etc.
  • The Trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual property
    rights in the content displayed on the website and on the
    application are either owned by the Company and/or by third parties
    who hold all intellectual property rights including the copyrights
    or have transferred/licensed/assigned rights in the said to the
    Company, thereby,making the company the rightful owner of such
    rights. Therefore, you agree that you shall not create, recreate,
    copy, distribute, pirate, or make any derivative work of the
    interface without the prior explicit consent of the Company and/or
    any other third party who is the rightful owner of the said
  • The User agree that Intellectual Property Rights of the
    interface of the Website/App strictly belongs to the owner of the
    Company. The User agree not to infringe the Intellectual Property
    Rights in whatsoever manner.
  • The User shall not use the Website/App to upload, post, edit,
    transmit, link or otherwise deal with any information that is
    offensive, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, excessively violent,
    blasphemous, hateful, racially and ethnically inciteful, unlawful,
    threatens public health or safety, tortious, false or misleading,
    defamatory, libelous, hateful, or discriminatory, or violates any
    applicable law in force in any manner whatsoever.
  • The User shall not directly or indirectly through the use of any
    device, software, internet site, web-based service, or by any other
  • remove, alter, bypass, avoid, violate, interfere with, or
    circumvent any patent, trade secret, copyright, design, trademark,
    or any other intellectual property or proprietary information
    relating to the services of the Website and the App;
  • bypass any service protection or access control measure
    associated with the user service, Website, and App, including but
    not limited to, geo-filtering mechanisms, parental controls, User
    information, etc;
  • Send or cause to be sent (directly or indirectly) unsolicited
    bulk messages or other unsolicited bulk communications of any kind
    through the Website or App.
  • In the event of the Company being informed that the User have
    been misusing the said User Services for any other purposes as
    restrained under the present clause or agreement, the company can
    take all such actions, including injunctive reliefs to restrain you
    or your associates, etc from conducting such actions and can further
    claim for all such damages which may be sustained by the Company.
  • Excluding Your Account Information, You acknowledge that the
    Website, App, the entire Content, Services, and all the intellectual
    property rights, including copyrights, patents, trademarks, designs,
    and trade secrets in relation to the above are solely owned by
    Company, its Affiliates and/or the company’s Licensors (“Lawful
  • Notwithstanding anything stated in the Agreement, the
    Lawful Owners own and retain any all intellectual and proprietary
    rights to the Content and Services throughout the territory of the
    world in perpetuity. These Terms do not transfer to You or any third
    party any rights, title or interests in, or to such, intellectual
    property rights, except for the limited license that is required to
    view/use the Website, Application and Services per the Agreement.


The Services can be availed through certain
Authorized Devices which the Company may approve from time to time.
In some cases, whether an Authorized Device is (or remains) capable
of running a Compatible System may depend on the software or
platform provided or maintained by the relevant device manufacturer
or other third parties. As a result, Authorized Devices that run
Compatible System at one time may cease to run Compatible System(s)
in the future. The Company shall not be liable in the event of any
devise, etc being not compatible.


  • The services on the App and/or Website can only be availed by Authorized
    Users who conform to the provisions of this Agreement. To become an
    Authorized User, You may be required to provide Your Login
    Credentials that may contain Personal Information and Sensitive
    Personal Information, in order for you to effectively avail the
    Services. Further, in order to avail the Services as a Authorized
    User, You may be required to make certain payments in the manner
    provided in the website/application by the Company. The said matter
    of Vehicle rental and/or the amount payable may vary from time to
    time and the company is at the sole discretion to make such changes.
  • The Company at its sole discretion makes schemes/plans for Rental
    Services of Vehicles. The Company may give out discount coupons/ or
    offers at its sole discretion.
  • The company at its sole
    discretion may provide for various modes of online and offline
    payments for availing the rental services of the company. The said
    payments can be made through various sources such as debit card
    payment, credit card payment, internet banking payment and/or any
    other such payment which may be recognised and/or used as a general
    industrial practice in the future. The User acknowledges that during
    the payment through online systems, various third party websites,
    etc are involved and the user is redirected to third party pages for
    making such payments. The company does not manage such third party
    pages to which the user is redirected to. The User recognizes and
    understands that the You are subjected to the terms and conditions,
    privacy policy, etc on such websites and the Company is in no manner
    liable for making good any losses which the user may sustain on such
    third party pages they are directed to.
  • You are responsible for
    the accuracy and authenticity of the information provided by You to
    third-party payment gateways, including the bank account
    number/credit card details and the like. You agree and acknowledge
    that the Company shall not be liable and in no way be held
    responsible for any losses whatsoever, whether direct, indirect,
    incidental or consequential, including without limitation any losses
    due to delay in processing of payment instruction or any credit card
  • You can reach out to Us for any issue related to payment
    processing on the Website/App, and the same will be forwarded to the
    concerned third-party payment gateway provider for redressal. You
    can reach out to the company at –support@bud-e.in The party notes
    and undertakes that the act of the company in forwarding the
    concerned grievances of the user to the third party does not make
    the company involved and/or liable for such losses of the user.


  • The
    User undertakes to not use the Website/Application or any of the
    Services or the information of other Users, available on the
  • The User undertakes to not attempt to gain
    unauthorized access or in any way exceed the authorized access to
    the Website/Application or any networks, servers or computer systems
    connected to the Website/Application or Services.
  • The User shall
    not conduct any actions detrimental to the interest and/or business
    of the company and its website/business. The User shall not damage
    the reputation and goodwill of the website/application. 6.4 The User
    undertakes to not use the Website/ Application or any of the
    Services or any information on the Website/Application, including
    any Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information
    available on the Website/ Application, in any unlawful manner, or in
    a manner which promotes or encourages illegal or fraudulent
    activity, including (without limitation) intellectual property
    infringement or data theft of the Content.
  • The User shall not
    re-rent, the Vehicle or otherwise use any part of the Website/
    Application or Services to obtain any personal or third-party gain.
  • The User shall not conduct any actions which aids
    or shall not indulge in any decipher, decompile, modify,
    disassemble, adapt, translate or reverse engineer any part of the
    Website and Application, including by creating any shadow and
    mirroring websites.
  • The User shall not damage, disable, disrupt,
    impair, create an undue burden on, Interfere with, or gain
    unauthorized access to the Services.
  • The User undertakes that he
    has also perused the privacy policy of the company herein and is
    aware and acknowledges that the said policy along with the present
    terms and conditions and/or any other further notifications /
    modifications / circulars / information displayed on the website and
    application shall be read as a part of this terms and conditions and
    shall be referred to as Agreement.
  • The User undertakes and
    declares that you are solely responsible for maintaining its secrecy
    with respect to its login credentials, etc. The user undertakes to
    not to divulge such information to any other person that the user
  • The User undertakes that he shall not access the
    Website, Application and/or its Services, or the personal
    information of other Users, available on the Website/App in order to
    build a similar or competitive website, app, product, or service;


  • If You have any questions,
    complaints or claims with respect to the Website, App, and/or
    Services, then such correspondence should be directed to the contact
    information provided on the website and application. You however
    acknowledge and agree that the company will have no obligation to
    provide You with any uninterrupted or immediate support or
    maintenance in connection with the Website, Application and/or
    Services, except as provided under the Company’s Privacy Policy.
  • You represent and warrant that the Account Information, or any other
    information, whether personal or sensitive, provided to Us through
    an email, support forum on the Website, etc. (“Other Information”)
    does not violate any applicable laws or the policy of the company.
    You may not represent or imply to any person or entity, in any way
    whatsoever, that the Account Information or Other Information that
    You provide Us with is sponsored or endorsed by Us in any manner.
    You alone are responsible for Your Account Information. You must
    note that We are not obligated to create a backup copy of Your
    Account Information or Other Information that You provide Us with;
    We will not be held liable or responsible for the deletion of the
    Account Information or any Other Information that You provide Us
  • You agree not to use the Website and/or its Services to
    collect, upload, create, transmit, display, or distribute the
    Account Information or Other Information in any way such: (i) that
    it violates any third-party right, including any copyright,
    trademark, patent, moral right, privacy right, right of publicity,
    or any other intellectual property or proprietary right; or (ii)
    that it is in violation of any law, regulation, or obligations or
    restrictions imposed by any third party; or (iii) that it is
    hateful, violent, discriminatory, defamatory, racially or ethnically
    objectionable, unlawful, obscene.
  • you agree to not to display,
    upload, modify, transmit, publish, or distribute to, or through, the
    Website, App or otherwise, any computer viruses, worms, or any
    software codes, files or programs, intended to damage, limit or
    alter a computer system, computer network, or data, and/or gain
    unauthorized access to a computer or computer network;
  • you agree
    to not to manipulate the Website to send unsolicited or unauthorized
    advertising, promotional materials, junk mail, spam, chain letters,
    pyramid schemes, or any other form of duplicative or unsolicited
    messages, whether commercial or otherwise;
  • You agree not to
    manipulate the Website to harvest, collect, gather, or assemble
    information or data, personal or sensitive regarding any other users
    or individuals, including their e-mail addresses, with or without
    their consent;
  • you agree to not to interfere with, disrupt, or
    create an undue burden on servers or networks connected to the
    Website or the data hosted within the Website, or violate the
    regulations, policies, restrictions or procedures of such networks;
  • you agree not to attempt to gain unauthorized access to a third
    party’s information on the Website (or to other computer systems or
    networks connected to or used together with the Website), whether
    through password mining or any other means;
  • you agree not to
    harass or interfere with any other user’s use and enjoyment of the
    Website and/or it Services; or use software or automated agents or
    scripts to produce multiple accounts on the Website, or to generate
    automated searches, requests, or queries to (or to strip, scrape, or
    mine data from) the Website.
  • you agree and acknowledge that the
    company reserves the right to review Your Account Information or any
    other information from time to time, and to investigate and/or take
    appropriate action against You if you violate any applicable laws or
    the company’s policy, or any other provision of these Terms, or
    otherwise create liability for Us or any other person or Entity, in
    Our sole discretion. The company may take any action
    includingremoving or modifying Your Profile, terminating Your
    Profile and/or reporting You to, and cooperative with, law
    enforcement authorities.
  • you agree and acknowledge that any and
    all of Your information can be shared in the above circumstances
    with competent authorities upon any demand or request by them, or in
    a good faith belief, that such access, preservation, or disclosure
    is reasonably necessary to:
  • comply with any applicable law;
  • enforce the Terms;
  • respond to Your Service requests and/or for
    any customer service; or
  • protect the rights, property or
    personal safety of company, its affiliates or company’s licensors or
    other Users and the public.
  • you agree that if You provide Us
    with any feedback or suggestions regarding the Website, Content
    and/or the Services (“Feedback”), You hereby assign to Us all rights
    in such Feedback and agree that We shall have the right to use and
    fully exploit such Feedback and related information in any manner We
    deem appropriate. We will treat any Feedback You provide to Us as
    non-confidential and non-proprietary; therefore, kindly do not
    submit to Us any information or ideas that You consider to be
    confidential or proprietary.


  • By using the
    website, application, services, you agree to defend and indemnify
    the company, its affiliates and the company’s licensors from any
    claims, demands, damages, obligations, losses, liabilities, costs
    and/or expenses made against company, its affiliates and the
    company’s licensors by any third parties due to and in relation to
    any act/omission/default of the User, voluntarily and/or out of
    negligence, for violation of the terms herein, for violation of
    applicable laws and regulations.
  • Any act or omission of the User
    that results in personal injury (or death) or tangible or intangible
    property damage (including loss of use) to any third-party. The User
    hereby acknowledges that under no circumstances shall the Company be
    liable for any direct, indirect, special, punitive, or consequential
    damages that result in any way from

(i) the provision of the
Services, or
(ii) the User’s use of or inability to use, the
Services. The total liability of the Company under these terms and
conditions shall in no event exceed the total Fees paid by the User
in relation to the Services.


  • The
    Company and its affiliates, company’s licensors in no manner shall
    be held to have been made any warranties, representations and/or
    guarantees to the User. The use of the website and application by
    the User is at his/her sole discretion and risk and any loss which
    may be sustained by the said user shall not be attributable to the
    company, its affiliates, licensors in any manner whatsoever.
  • Further, notwithstanding anything contained in the present terms and
    conditions, the company, its affiliates and the licensors in no
    manner shall be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential,
    exemplary, incidental, special or punitive damages, loss of profits,
    business, data or information. All exclusions of limitation of
    liability shall be applicable to the maximum extent permissible
    under the laws.


The Website /
Application may contain links to third-party links & advertisements
(“External Links”) that You may access and/or use at Your sole
discretion. You acknowledge and agree that such External Links are
not under Our control, and therefore We shall not be responsible, in
any manner, for any transactions related to External Links. You must
note that We provide access to these External Links only as a
convenience to You, and We do not review, approve, monitor, endorse,
warrant, or make any representations with respect to External Links,
in any manner whatsoever. You shall use all External Links at Your
own risk and should exercise a suitable level of caution and
discretion in doing so. When You click on any of the External Links,
the applicable third party’s Terms and policies shall apply to You,
including the third party’s privacy and data gathering practices.
You should independently undertake whatever investigation You feel
necessary or appropriate before proceeding with any transaction in
connection with such External Links. By using the Services, You
acknowledge and agree that the company or its affiliates and /or its
licensors are not responsible or liable to You for any content or
other materials hosted and served from any website or destination
other than the Application or the Website.


  • Subject to this ‘Term and Termination clause’, these Terms
    will remain in full force and effect while You use the Website,
    Application and/or any of its Services, in any way whatsoever. “Upon
    Termination as Authorized User, the You (erstwhile Authorized User)
    acknowledge that You may still be contacted by Us to renew the
    Services or for other promotional or marketing purposes. You
    understand that this communication may override any Do Not Disturb
    (DND) registry or DNC or National Customer Preference Register
    (NCPR) that You may have registered for. Your data collected at the
    time of your initial Subscription to the website/application shall
    be subject to the Privacy Policy, available at https://www.bud-e.in
  • We may suspend or terminate Your rights to use the services on
    the Website and App (including Your Account) at any time and for any
    reason, at Our sole discretion, including for any use of the Website
    and/or its Services in violation of these Terms.
  • Upon
    termination of Your rights under these Terms, Your Profile and right
    to access and use the Website, App and/or its Services, will
    terminate immediately. You understand that any termination of Your
    Profile may involve deletion of the Account Information and any
    other Information associated with Your Profile from all Our
    databases. We will not have any liability whatsoever to You for any
    termination of Your rights under these Terms, including for
    termination of Your Profile.



  • consent to
    receive communications from Us in an electronic form; and (b) agree
    that all Terms and conditions, agreements, notices, disclosures, and
    other communications that We provide to You electronically satisfy
    any legal requirement that such communications would satisfy if it
    were to be in a hardcopy writing.
  • Any waiver of Our rights or
    remedy under these Terms shall only be effective if it is in
    writing, executed by Our duly authorized representative, and shall
    be applicable only to the circumstances for which it is given. Our
    failure to exercise or enforce any right or remedy under these Terms
    shall not operate as a waiver of such right or remedy, nor shall it
    prevent any future exercise or enforcement of such right or remedy.
    No single or partial exercise of any right or remedy shall preclude
    or restrict the further exercise of any such right, or remedy, or
    other rights or remedies.
  • Severability – The provision(s) of
    these Terms shall be sought to be harmoniously interpreted with each
    other, as well as applicable laws (including the applicable laws
    based on the jurisdiction of the User’s), and upheld to the fullest
    extent permissible under applicable laws. Further, the provisions
    contained in this Agreement shall be enforceable independent of each
    other, and their validity shall not be affected, if any other
    provision(s) are held to be invalid. If any provision(s) of these
    Terms are, for any reason, held to be invalid or unenforceable, the
    other provisions of these Terms will be unimpaired (to the maximum
    extent permissible), and the invalid or unenforceable provision(s)
    will be deemed modified so that they are valid and enforceable to
    the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws. Further, if any of
    those provision(s) are void, but would be valid if some part of the
    provision(s) were deleted, the provision(s) in question shall apply
    with such modification as may be necessary to make them valid.
  • Relationship between You and Us – You confirm that You do not have
    an employment, contractor, agency or partnership relationship with
    the Company. The company is merely providing You the Services on
    your request. Further, You are acting on either on Your own or
    behalf of another person, in the manner stated in the Agreement.
  • Assignment – These Terms, and Your rights and obligations
    herein, may not be assigned, subcontracted, delegated, or otherwise
    transferred by You without Our prior written consent, and any
    attempted assignment, subcontract, delegation, or transfer in
    violation of the foregoing will be null and void. However, You
    acknowledge and agree that We reserve the right to freely assign Our
    rights and obligations under these Terms to whomsoever We please.
    The Terms and conditions set forth in these Terms shall be binding
    upon assignees.
  • Governing Law and Jurisdiction – These Terms
    and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with their
    subject matter or formation (including non-contractual disputes or
    claims) shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the
    laws prevalent in India. You agree that the courts of Hyderabad
    shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute, or claim,
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