M/s Watts and Volts Mobility Private Limited (hereinafter
“Company”), a company incorporated under the provisions of the
Companies Act, 2013 (hereinafter “Us”, “We”, “Our” “BUD-E” or
“Company”, which expression includes its successors or assigns) is
the owner of the web platform, i.e. www.bud-e.in; the mobile
Application under the name and style “Bud-e App” and provides to its
users, visitors and third parties various options vide ELECTRIC TWO WHEELER
RENTAL SERVICES on the platforms owned and run by the company.

1.Cancellation Policy

  • All booking made by the Authorized User through website/App
    shall be cancelled through the same.
  • The User may also cancel the booking through Bud-e app. All the
    cancellation made through the app shall be valid subject to the
    identification of the Authorised User. The Authorized User shall
    provide adequate details to the Company for identification.
  • After providing the identification and booking details, the
    confirmation of the request of the User to cancel the booking shall
    be intimated to the User in such mode or manner as may be prescribed
    by the Company.
  • The User shall intimate the cancellation of the booking to the
    company through Bud-e app
  • 2.Refund Policy

  • The Company is not liable to refund the amount towards any of
    the lost personal belongings of the User.
  • The Company shall not reimburse for expenses borne by the User
    without the prior approval of the Company.
  • The Company is not liable to refund the amounts pertaining to
    any damages caused due to User’s negligence or fault. The User
    further agrees that he/she is liable to pay for the damages caused by
    negligence or fault as quantified by the Company.
  • The Company shall not refund the amounts of Challans imposed by
    the Competent Authority on the User for breach of traffic rules.
  • The User is responsible for paying all the tolls at the time
    of they are due.
  • The User agree to pay amount of INR 500 towards refundable
    security deposit. The Company shall refund the security deposit
    within 7 days after the booking time. Both the parties agree that
    the refundable amount will be subject matter to the examination of
    the vehicle after the booking time.
  • The User shall intimate the Company via App or Website in an
    event if there is any failure of service on part of the Company. The
    Company shall refund the money on its sole discretion within 7 days
    if the request is deem fit and proper.