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About us

bud-e is ready to re-define mobility for urban commuters. An electric, seamless and dockless solution to everyday short distance commutes. Solving the first and last-mile connectivity issues, in style. It allows users to pick up a scooter/bike from anywhere and drop it off in any geo-fence location or a legal parking place. With this, bud-e aims to make daily commute stress-free and convenient, while reducing the carbon footprint and leaving the future generations with emission-free, breathable and liveable cities.

To reduce the dependency on personal automobiles for short distance travel by solving the first & last-mile connectivity issues. The focus is to re-define urban mobility making daily commutes comfortable and suitable for everyone. Another objective is to fulfil our social responsibility by encouraging the use of zero emissions vehicles and leaving the future generations with a cleaner, healthier planet.

Bud-e with a heart

  • Re-defining Urban Mobility
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Affordable Mobility
  • Community Inclusion
  • Vision and Mission

    This is what unites us as a team and keeps us moving


    To make urban spaces more eco friendly by providing electric, emission free micro mobility services.


    To increase emission free mobility - reduce traffic congestion - Have Emission free and liveable cities with cleaner air quality.